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Providing Skilled Family Crisis Management

As much as we all try to plan for the future, certain events create chaos and uncertainty. For example, the sudden incapacity or death of a loved one can lead to turmoil. At Stern, Keilty & Wall, LLC, our lawyers are prepared to take immediate action for families in crisis. We can help you navigate the legal bureaucracy that follows the sudden incapacity or loss of a loved one. We are also experienced advocates for adults with special needs who are uniquely vulnerable to crisis and loss.

Nursing Homes And Long-Term Care Asset Protection Options

If your spouse requires expensive nursing home care and you are left at home with dwindling income and rising expenses, you need to manage the situation to prevent a major financial crisis. A number of tools are available to help you shelter certain assets in trusts, change declarations of homestead, or transfer ownership titles through certain tax incentives and gifting language that will protect your estate from being bankrupted by escalating health care expenses. While long-term care planning is often the optimal solution, if you need to take action now, our Salem family crisis management attorneys know how to work quickly to protect your family’s assets.

Your Family Is In A Crisis Situation — Where Do You Turn?

Many events, such as a life-threatening medical event, a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or another dementia-related condition or sudden death can result in a crisis situation for a family. Any of these or similar events can present families with a barrage of legal questions, scrambling for answers with nowhere to turn to. If your family is in crisis mode, we can help. At Stern, Keilty & Wall, LLC, we have assisted many families in crisis and can quickly identify your legal challenges and help you develop a strategy for finding a satisfactory solution.

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At Stern, Keilty & Wall, LLC, we offer a blend of estate planning, elder law, disability law, real estate law, and estate administration that provides support and counsel to clients along the continuum of lifetime planning.

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Chuck – Thanks for everything. You have done a great job. You are a great attorney. And you have some very appreciative clients with us. Have and keep the faith in the Red Sox – We will be rooting to meet them in the playoffs.

Many, many thanks for all your help throughout the fall with our house, and all the ongoing issues. We really do appreciate all your wisdom and advice, and the time you have taken to share it with us. Have a great holiday with your family! Love – Elizabeth & Jeff

Thank you very much for your expertise & guidance during this grueling deal. Much appreciated by everyone. You made it a pleasant closing. Thanks. Sincerely, Susan.