Experienced Landlord-Tenant Law Representation

Whether you are a tenant or landlord battling a single eviction action or a court-appointed receiver for multiple apartment complexes, experienced counsel can help you achieve the results you need with efficiency and minimal expense. Stern, Keilty & Wall, LLC, represents tenants and landlords in a variety of complex legal issues, including eviction, lease disputes and nonpayment issues.

Charles J. Keilty, who has practiced law since 1985, leads our firm's real estate practice. He has experience representing both landlords and tenants in disputes. Consequently, we fully understand the various tactics and strategies employed by legal counsel on each side of these disputes. Serving clients across the North Shore in places like Salem, Beverly and Peabody, our tenant eviction attorneys represent clients in all types of landlord-tenant issues, including:

  • Evictions or summary process actions
  • Security deposit issues
  • Lockout/utility shutoff demand letters
  • Transfers to housing court
  • Appeals
  • Requests for stays
  • Bad conditions
  • Bad behavior and nonpayment issues

Landlord And Tenant Representation — Know Your Rights

If a tenant does not pay his or her rent on time or a landlord does not make or pay for necessary repairs, the wronged party must proceed through legal channels to obtain the desired results. If a tenant does not use reasonable care and damages the property or somehow breaches the terms of the lease, the landlord must follow proper procedures to bring an eviction or summary process to the housing court. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has numerous statutes regulating rental properties with respect to repairs, maintenance, utilities, tenant security deposits and a host of other issues. Landlords must comply with these regulations to successfully evict a tenant, and avoid financial penalties and litigation. Our Salem landlord-tenant law lawyers will advise you of your rights and work toward a favorable resolution.

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