Understanding Medicaid Planning

Medicaid (known as MassHealth in Massachusetts) is a well-established program, funded by both the federal and state governments. Many individuals and families in Massachusetts rely on this program to meet the health care needs of the elderly and subsidize the rising costs of nursing home and long-term care.

You have worked hard to support your family and build your wealth for future generations. Less than a year in a nursing home can deplete a lifetime of savings. Massachusetts has several unique health care laws and programs. Determining how to maximize benefits and access to care can be overwhelming. With proper planning, access to governmental benefits for long-term nursing home care can be maximized. At Stern, Keilty & Wall, LLC, our lawyers work with families to protect their assets while obtaining eligibility for these important programs.

Our Salem Medicaid planning attorneys have extensive experience navigating the complexities of the many laws and regulations governing eligibility for Medicaid. This experience, combined with our comprehensive knowledge of estate planning and elder law issues allows us to provide you with the information and guidance you need to preserve your assets and Medicaid coverage.

Each planning strategy has advantages and disadvantages. Let our skilled elder law attorneys assist you with a comprehensive estate plan that is personalized to your unique situation.

Crisis Situations And Medicaid Eligibility

By planning ahead, you can avoid having one spouse lose nearly everything if the other should require permanent nursing home care. However, if you are now facing a crisis situation and need representation to obtain Medicaid eligibility or have been denied coverage, we can help. Our attorneys will work with you toward a long-term resolution of your situation.

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